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 Unlike other exams SSC Exams require focused and specialized preparation. Solving each and every Question in seconds is not very easy as it may seem to be. The methods and shortcuts which a candidate applies to solve a question become very decisive in his score and ultimately his selection. Ignite SSC Academy is hailed for its perfection and professionalism in mastering SSC modules. We equip our students with the best and the most advanced techniques in all the subjects of the exam which will always keep them ahead of their competitors. Students are taught to eliminate the wrong options rather than solving an entire question and also we have developed the partial solving technique which will help the student to save his time in exam.

 Many of the Maths topics like Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration etc have few weightage in other exams like PSC and BANK and therefore without a thorough and specialized preparation in these topics from where almost 50 % of the questions come from it is impossible to crack this exam. We give special attention to these topics and make our students strong in these areas which are believed to be hard nuts to crack. We have developed simple and advanced techniques to solve all the advanced maths questions which even a student having zero knowledge in maths can easily understand. Our results speak for themselves.8 out of our 30 students cleared SSC CGL exam in 2016.It is the best ever enrollment-success conversion ratio.

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All our faculty  are specialized SSC trainers with years of experience in this field and most of them have cleared various SSC exams multiple times. Their expertise in the subject and knowledge about the selection process will definitely give an edge to our students over the others. Maintaining the same pace and motivation level continuously for four to six months may seem to be difficult, but we at Ignite tackle this problem through our mentorship programme. Interactive sessions with SSC toppers and regularly held motivation talks always keep our students in full thrust and confidence throughout the preparation .

We follow only the standard books and materials suggested by National Toppers and help our students not to get mislead by cramming the unwanted books. All topics for SSC and Railway exams are impeccably taught so as to ensure our students succeed in their exams with flying colors. Now Ignite SSC has become a brand name for success in competitive exams, especially SSC and Railway exams.

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